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Negative Pole Magnets: “extraordinary results”

In a Vision session this week, a client and I visited the information Chloe has put together on Negative Pole Magnets. Wow – it’s quite amazing! It made me go dig out my two ceramic block magnets from the back room and start using them again – one under my pillow and the other in my favourite armchair. I already have an NP magnet pad on my computer chair and another in my bed (!).

It also reminded me of a practitioner in Mexico I heard about recently who has given out half a dozen ceramic block magnets to people he knows with cancer, intestinal pain, etc. He says they are all getting extraordinary results, just placing the ceramic block on the affected area. Read more…

Meryl Streep introduces Hilary Clinton

Heart-warming, moving… Have you seen this you-tube? Read more…

Last names

I was pleased to see that my cousin’s two children – both in their forties, married, with children of their own – have chosen to do something unusual with their last names. Read more…

Abundant potential

You are truly a gift to unlocking abundant potential and love from within your clients – a most necessary requirement if we are to thrive and change the overall vibration of the planet! Your most keen supporter 🙂

Client: ER

Cancer self-help

Where to begin?

Chloe put together the following suggestions at the request of a friend with cancer. Read more…

A pinch of salt

In Punjab there’s a saying that sums up women as useless, unimportant, non-contributing members of the family: “A pinch of salt in the dough” (aate vich loon). Girls are brought up on this saying, hearing it over and over from their mother as a reminder and a warning.

(Don’t you love the irony – the male mind misses the point that salt is absolutely essential at every moment in life! Women forget, too.)

Anyway, in a recent session on abundance issues with a young woman in India Read more…

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