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Dreaming in a new way

From a client with a background in horse therapy, homeopathy and abused women:

Wow! Yes, shifts are occurring!

I wanted to share some more positive things that came my way… A patient of mine mentioned 2 things. First – would I be interested in doing homeopathy at a non-profit camp that helps families through holistic means including horse therapy. (I would be paid for my work.) Second – she wants to establish my company through branding me – sharing with the world my beliefs so if they believe the same they will naturally seek me out. She will do this thru website, blogging, Facebook etc. This is her passion/business and she is willing to do it for free – I said via trade.

Pretty exciting even if nothing comes through. I’m dreaming in a new way!! Including working with the trafficked women’s ministry! As I share this info with my partner, I notice the shift in him also. Thanks for investing in me, dear!

Client: CTM

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