Repatterning Sessions

Achieve your best ~ Resonate with it!

A year of sessions

I yearned for love, money, and success so I did what I knew to do, I worked hard and then harder still. The result was a higher salary, declining health, and disintegrating relationships. Then I learned of Resonance Repatterning and through a series of connections found Anthea Guinness. Her ability to listen, respond to the needs I had for length of session, and my preference for pacing of appointments — her ultimate flexibility helped me regain my belief in myself. Over one year, I have addressed many areas in my life that were holding me back from my dreams and gradually with the shifting of resonance to align with my true desires I gained a sense of happiness and freedom.

So what’s truly changed in my life? I’ve begun a part-time small business and am now shifting my career focus to more creative environments; I’m moving from Phoenix, AZ to Seattle, WA [after 25 years in the same town, the same house!]; and my community is expanding with little effort. Bottom line: I am home — in my skin and in my life. It’s all I hoped for. Thank you, Anthea. Thank you, Resonance Repatterning.

Client: DH

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