Repatterning Sessions

Achieve your best ~ Resonate with it!

Looming deadlines

A client in Maine needed an emergency session on a Saturday afternoon when she had an unresolved roadblock to selling her house & moving to a new one. Her neighbor’s signature on a through-road was needed, the buyer & seller deadlines were threatened, all to be accomplished by the following Thursday at latest.

  • The underlying issue in part turned out to be a childhood experience (“I feel thwarted, I feel killed, I have no power”). Happily, her present situation resolved in every way a couple of days after the session, as she described in a lovely 2-page letter that included her heartfelt appreciation:
“Thank you so very much for virtually dropping what you were doing to give me an RR session. It was urgently needed, and your response time was 1000%….  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent, sweet services….  P.S. See?!!! isn’t it amazing how it all works out! I keep saying to myself: Amazing.”
  • Her letter said that by Monday/Tuesday she had sold her old house and bought the new one, and that same week she received lots of volunteer help moving out of the old house and into the new one. When you resonate with what you want…

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