Repatterning Sessions

Achieve your best ~ Resonate with it!

Taking your space

After our session last Friday, I am feeling more legitimate, less apologetic, more like I belong on the earth, and more encased in my own dignity so that another has no chance of diminishing me.  I feel clear and more alive. Isn’t it interesting how these subtle thought changes wiggle into our unconscious, and expand into greatness. Greatness was the topic. I feel a gradual merging with the greatness of my lifetime. Lovely feeling. Thank you so much for the brilliant session.

  • Two weeks later, MU wrote that her change in resonance has brought about a big improvement in work relationships:

Additionally, the changes at work are palpable in the way my boss relates to me, in the way I am handling my work relationships, all for the better. At long last, Anthea. The wait for me has been a long one, although it needn’t be long any more!  Hurrah!

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